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September 14, 2007

Tags as virtual venues

I can't stress this enough... if you are holding an event, or thinking about holding an event, or even thinking you may want to think about holding an event, decide what tag you are going to use as soon as possible.

A large part of your event's impact will come from the collective writing, images and videos by the people who attended.  The only effective way of tying all this material together after the event is via the event tag.

It's easy to forget, but I'd go as far as saying that the tag is almost as important as the venue.  In fact, in a sense, the tag becomes the virtual venue for the event's digital legacy.


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Just looking at the Web 2.0 Summit mashup aggregator (http://www.popfly.ms/users/Team/web2summit.small) shows what coordinated tagging can do.

What occurred to me as I looked at it was that announcing a public 'conference tag' could be a whole can of worms. Advertisers could start using the tag to get their products into the feed, Google could start generating context ads with the appropriate tags, and of course Spammers could start targetting tags as a way of spamming the feed.

Perhaps this is already a problem? Certainly with the Web 2.0 summit there is a fair amount of irrelevant information in the feed. I now know Julia Meskill won't be attending the summit, and that FergusB is heading off for short break in London.

On the plus side, the mashup shows some potential - although the implementation is a bit weak - tantalising me with the start of blog posts I don't seem to be able to click on for follow up.

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