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September 24, 2007

Social tagging video

Via Liddy Nevile on the Dublin Core Social Tagging Community mailing list I note that Commoncraft have a nice video about social bookmarking and tagging, targeted specifically at teachers but accessible to a wide audience I imagine.

The use of del.icio.us (or delicious.com) by teachers was exactly what I was trying to encourage when I developed the Newbridge Primary School Web site a while ago.  Unfortunately it hasn't really happened yet, largely because we haven't invested enough time in school, teaching the teachers how to do it :-(.  This video would definitely help to get the message across.

I also like the look and feel of the video - using bits of paper to demonstrate how a Web site works is a neat idea.


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Heheh. Nice!

The people who made this seem to have a small set of videos on Blip.TV about other social software tools too.

See http://thecommoncraftshow.blip.tv/

Another good use of 'paper' animation is a tutorial about GoogleDocs:


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