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September 18, 2007

Roy Fielding on REST and relaxation

Found via a post by Stefan Tilkov, a pointer to a presentation by Roy Fielding, given at the JAZOON07 conference in Zurich in June but which I hadn't come across before, called "A little REST and Relaxation"

He explains the rationale for his use of the notion of "architectural styles" and the specification of REST as the architectural style for the Web. I particularly enjoyed the way he puts these developments (and others' reactions to them) into a historical context.

He also has a nice point on the Lego analogy for service-oriented architecture: the reason Lego works so well being precisely that the components offer a uniform interface!

P.S. Stefan also points to a forthcoming Fielding presentation in which it sounds as if he may extend the coverage of the points he discusses towards the end of the JAZOON07 presentation on the relaxation of constraints to introduce his work on a new network protocol.


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