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September 18, 2007

OpenID - online identity for the social network generation of learners and researchers

British Library, St Pancras, London, UK

Thurs 8th Nov 2007


Web 2.0, Learning 2.0 and the moves towards PLEs and VREs are encouraging members of UK educational institutions to make increasing use of mainstream Web 2.0 services as part of their everyday teaching, learning and research activities.  In addition, the growing importance of virtual research teams, shared delivery of courses across institutions, a more mobile student base of 'digital natives', and the need to support more seamless transition between the different phases of lifelong learning means that we are beginning to see fundamental changes taking place in the educational service landscape.

The successful management of identity in this landscape will play a critical role in delivering a coherent experience for our learners and researchers. It is likely that we will see the identity management landscape moving from a national or institutional orientation to a more highly distributed and user-centric one.

This meeting will begin to ask questions like:  What are the fundamental changes taking place in our educational landscape?  How ready are institutions to deal with those changes?  What role do OpenID and related technologies have to play in our institutional and external services in the future?  What are the issues, challenges and potential pitfalls in their use?

You are cordially invited to hear about and debate these issues with David Recordon (Six Apart), Gavin Bell (Nature Publishing Group), Nicole Harris (JISC), Scott Wilson (JISC CETIS), Ben Werdmuller (Elgg /
Curverider) and others.

We hope this meeting will be of interest to technical staff within university computing services, systems librarians, learning technologists, elearning vendors and publishers selling into academia, and national bodies (such as JISC and Becta).

Attendance at the meeting is free, and the 50 available places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


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