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September 26, 2007


There was an amusing item on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning about the 1 in 3 adults in the UK who are nonline - i.e. who don't make any use of the Internet.

The reporter experimented with not using the Internet for 3 days.  He even tried briefly inflicting the experiment on his family by turning off the household wireless router - resulting in his kids telling him very rapidly that they were not happy being guinea pigs.

I sympathise.  Every so often we lose the broadband connection in our house and it's like a major disaster has occurred.  I mean, how can 14-17 year olds be expected to survive for more than a few hours without their Facebook and MSN fixes?  Mind you, I'm no better.  Like the reporter on the programme I now tend to turn my laptop on before making a cup of tea first thing in the morning :-(.


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Modern life eh? I lost internet connection for a day last month and was so 'lost' I had to go out and buy a Vodafone mobile modem, just in case it happened again. (I'd been thinking about one anyway b.t.w.)

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