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September 25, 2007


Via Josie Fraser I note that Digizen.org has just been launched.

The site is targeted at teachers, parents and carers who are interested in understanding and supporting children and young people's online social participation.

The site provides advice primarily targeted, as far as I can tell, at the parents / carers and teachers of secondary school children (11-16 year olds) - covering safe and effective use of social networking sites and issues around cyber-bullying - though I suspect it will also be valuable to parents and carers of younger children.

The site introduces the new term 'digizen' for "someone who uses their online presence to shape the world for the better - and inspires others to do the same".

Although the coverage of this site probably falls outside a strict definition of 'information literacy' it seems to me to be a critical part of what one might call 'digital literacy' and something we should encourage our schools and other children's services to cover, either formally or informally, in the curriculum.


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