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September 11, 2007

A history of the Social Web

Found via Stephen Downes, an interesting presentation (Slideshare) by Trebor Scholz giving a potted history of what he calls the "Social Web" (Web 2.0).

It looks like this presentation forms part of the second module of a course on the topic, so I think more presentations will probably appear in due course as the lectures are delivered. The preceding presentation (Slideshare) gives an introduction to/overview of the course and is available as a QuickTime movie with an audio track, and the audio probably makes it clearer that he is offering a critical view of the "Web 2.0" phenomenon, particularly highlighting the growth of business models built on user-generated content and the concentration of ownership of several successful "Web 2.0" services:

Based on the rapid growth of participation in social life online and in mobile space-- from social news, referral, social search, media sharing, social bookmarking, tagging, virtual worlds and social networked games, social mapping, IM, social networking, blogging and dating, this class formulates a critical analysis of the international Social Web with regard to privacy, intellectual property, and the utilization of social creation of value through the lens of a small number of case studies in the areas of education, political activism, and art.

Scholz reflects and comments on some of the responses to that initial lecture here.

See also his presentation "Seven propositions for the future of the sociable web" (Slideshare)

I'm looking forward to the rest of the course presentations as they appear.


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