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August 18, 2007


Lorcan Dempsey mentioned Sxipper a while back.  Sxipper is:

a free Firefox add-on that lets you login to any website with a single click. Sxipper saves you time by keeping track of an unlimited number of usernames and passwords as well as the personal data you share every day over the web. Sxipper improves your security by creating strong passwords when registering, and stores them and your personal data securely in an encrypted store on your computer.

Having installed it and used it for a while I have mixed feelings about its usefulness.  It's a great idea in theory, popping up as it does every time there's a registration or sign-in Web form to be negotiated.  The way it automagically deals with new registration forms is particularly nice.

But somehow it often seems more confusing to have it popping up than simply letting Firefox remember my usernames and passwords for me?

I dunno.  I persevering for the time being hoping that I'll get used to it or that a new version will make it slightly more usable (for me) than it is currently.


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I've been playing with Sxipper too - and had pretty much the same reaction. I can't help wondering though, if this is more to do with the way that we currently interact with services; that we are used to / find it convenient that service providers hold most of our identity information. This means that by default Sxipper is often doing no more than helping us remember a username and password...which firefox already does. Perhaps its usefulness might become more apparent in a more user-centric identity environment??

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