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August 23, 2007


I'm setting off for Singapore this afternoon for the DC-2007 conference on the theme of “Application Profiles: Theory and Practice”, which is being hosted by the National Library Board of Singapore in cooperation with the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information of Nanyang Technological University.

I think this will be the first DCMI conference that I've attended where I haven't been responsible for chairing a working group meeting or presenting a paper (or both). I'm traveling today so that I can arrive in time to sit in as a guest on the meeting of the DCMI Usage Board over the weekend. Then I'm going to make a small contribution as part of the session on the Application Profile Model led by Tom Baker and Mikael Nilsson on Tuesday. As I've mentioned before, I think Mikael's work on the specification of a model for a Description Set Profile is one of the most exciting developments within DCMI recently, and I look forward to seeing how it is received at the conference.

I'm also hoping to talk briefly about "dctagging" in the meeting of the DCMI Social Tagging Community.

But generally it's looking like a (welcome!) change from past DCMI conferences where I've sometimes found myself running from giving one presentation to arrive USB-stick in hand just in time to do the next one. Having said that, I'll no doubt be joining in the sparring debates in meetings of various communities and task groups (and in the bars afterwards). Anyway, I hope I'll have time to submit a few posts here over the course of the week.

Edit: Looking back to Andy's equivalent pre-travel post last year, I realised I missed the opportunity to title this one "Road to Singapore" and to conjure suitably pithy captions for images like this or this. I leave that instead as an exercise for the interested reader.


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