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July 20, 2007

UK academia Second Life snapshot

I'm very pleased to announce that a study by John Kirriemuir entitled July 2007 "snapshot" of UK HE and FE developments in SL is now available on the Eduserv Foundation Web site.

As John notes in the conclusion:

This report shows that a growing number of UK academic institutions, departments and groups are at different stages of SL development. It is, perhaps, presumptuous to conclude that UK Higher Education has reached a "tipping point" in terms of using and developing facilities in SL.  However, there has been a considerable increase in activity between March and July 2007, marked by the beginning and end of this survey. The appendix lists over 40 UK Universities and Colleges that have a building, land or island on the grid, many appearing in the last few weeks and not yet open for public visiting while they are being developed.

I know that John is still receiving some responses to his earlier survey questions on the SLED mailing list and elsewhere so the raw data on which this report is based is still growing slightly - we hope to make that data available in some form (possibly via a wiki) in due course. Nonetheless, the snapshot provides a valuable picture of where we are right now in the UK higher and further education community .


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