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July 24, 2007

Towards a European Infrastructure for e-Science Digital Repositories

There's an EC-funded survey about the future of "digital repositories for e-science in Europe!" (Their exclamation mark.)

This consultation seeks input from you as key stakeholders on digital repositories. Your responses will help identify needs, priorities and opportunities with regard to digital repositories and an e-infrastructure to support them and their use, and they will also provide important input into developing future policy initiatives.

Sounds reasonable.  Unfortunately the survey doesn't define what is meant by a digital repository, which is a bit of a shame - I wasn't sure if things like Slideshare were included or not.  The background information defines e-science repository as follows:

An e-science repository is a digital repository for science in the digital age – holding materials generated in e-science and/or which can e used in e-science

But that doesn't really help.  Sounds like a managed Web site to me :-)


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