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July 19, 2007

Modelling4All blog

Just a quick note to say that the Modelling4All project, which we recently funded under the 2007 grants call now has a blog.

Modelling4All – Web services to enable non-programmers to collaboratively build and analyse computer models  

Computer modeling is playing an increasingly important role in fields as varied as sociology, epidemiology, zoology, economics, archaeology, ecology, climate, and engineering. This project, led by Ken Kahn and involving Howard Noble (both at the OUCS, University of Oxford), will attempt to make such modeling more widely accessible by developing easy to use Web 2.0 services for building, exploring and analysing models, encouraging the development of an on-line community where models and model components are shared, tagged, discussed, organised, and linked to other resources.  Furthermore, the project will explore the possibilities of providing an immersive first-hand experience of the execution of models within Second Life.


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