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July 20, 2007

Life on Sram

I've just been skimming thru the list of entries in the IWMW innovation competition.  There's some interesting ideas here.  The ones that I particularly like include Jeff Barr's Wiki-Powered Self-Serve Meeting Scheduling, which is a very simple idea (aren't all the best ones?) to use a Wiki to allow people to plan his trip schedule for him.  Kinda risky I would have thought, though perhaps the use of a Wiki self-selects people that it is worthwhile meeting? :-)  Graham Atwell and Einion Daffyd's mashup of the JISC SOA video is quite neat also.  But my favorite is Adrian Stevenson et al's Life on Sram, which offers clear evidence of the dangers of spending too much time in the pub at conferences.


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I have to confess that the Life on Sram idea was mainly mine - and the idea was created between 11pm and midnight at one of the pubs we visited in Bath :-)

Brian, have you not learned the lessons of Life on Sram? You think it was freewill?

Yeah I think this began as 'The Retro Web Design Agency - "No Tag Knowingly Closed"' kind of thing. Surely we can now sell old websites as retro antique design with animated gifs such as spinning globes, under construction digger men, frames etc. Original Netscape 4 Composer and MS Frontpage software used for the design and so on.... and yes it did go on. Claire has the full list. I think it's a goer as an idea - why not? Brian's take on it was the 'Life on Sram' based on my 70s jacket looking like John Sim's and off he went. After a sleepless night apparently and various scribblings Brian entered the Life on Sram into the innovation competition under my name complete with the JISC jokes. Hmm

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