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July 26, 2007

Dublin Core Description Set Profile model: draft available

A while ago I mentioned that I was looking forward to seeing the outcomes of Mikael Nilsson's work on a model for what is being called a Dublin Core Description Set Profile. Mikael has recently circulated an early draft of a specification for such a model (and for an XML format and RDF representation) to the DCMI Architecture Forum for comment.

As Mikael notes in his message to the mailing list, "this is a work in progress, still in the design phase", but this is a very important and useful piece of the DCMI jigsaw, I think, and I'd encourage anyone involved in the design/development of Dublin Core "application profiles" to have a look at the draft and to consider whether it does the job of capturing the sort of constraints which are typically described in such profiles.

Comments on the draft itself to the dc-architecture Jiscmail list, please, rather than here.


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