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July 25, 2007

APP moves to Proposed Standard

Via Tim Bray, the announcement that the Atom Publishing Protocol has been given the status of an IETF Proposed Standard.

One of the comments on Tim's post, from Peter Keane, reflects, I think, what Andy was suggesting in a couple of recent posts and also emphasises the importance of advocacy and education to explain what the standard can enable, and the provision of tools which support it:

The question (I think) is whether folks will be able to recognize it as the 'right tool for the job'. It can be a simpler Dublin Core (base line metadata schema), a simpler WebDAV (transfer protocol), a simpler OAI_PMH (protocol for metadata harvesting). As an application developer I need those protocols to tie together increasingly distributed systems. If the tools and libraries (mod_atom +1) become ubiquitous, it ought to work. If on the other hand, it is seen as simply something for reading and writing to blogs, perhaps not.


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