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June 11, 2007

Twitter... wot?

I have also been playing with Twitter.  Somewhat briefly admittedly... but I thought I'd try tweeting or chirping or whatever it is called for a few days to see how I got on.

I have to say that I'm a little bemused by what is going on.  I mean, I'm sure there are use-cases here that Twitter is good for, but my tiny brain hasn't spotted them yet I'm afraid.

Part of the problem might be that I only have 3 friends (sad but true).  If anyone wants to come and keep me company (assuming that I haven't completely lost interest by then), I'm http://twitter.com/andypowe11.  Give me a tweet!


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There is a logic to it. It's extremely simple and quick - in some ways like SMS (and we know how successful that was). Or you could say, Twitter is micro-blogging.

It could be useful in a large conference, if there are a number of people wanting to meet up e.g. "I'm in stream three, hall 11. The speaker is boring. Heading for hall 9." etc.

Apart from that, Twitter has the huge problem that it's replicated pretty much totally by the status function in Facebook. For me, that's killed it. Too many services, too few hours in the day; can't be done with constantly duplicating the same content across several services.

Hi Andy. It makes me feel both stalked and a stalker. I'm getting my alerts by sms, mainly yours! It's kinda wierd. Also getting some spam stuff coming through which could be a killer. I did try to add you as a friend btw but I appear only to be a 'follower' :). Anyway I'm at http://twitter.com/adrianstevenson

Adrian, sorry about the SMSs... will try and make my twitterings more interesting. Truth of the matter is that I haven't got a lot to say :-(

John, yes, I kinda agree with the comment about overlaps with Facebook. Not 100% sure though. Twitter gives you a small history (i.e. some context to individual tweets) which Facebook status doesn't (AFAIK). Also, the API might make it easier to integrate other things with Twitter, which can then be integrated into Facebook thru the Facebook Twitter application. Dunno tho... I haven't looked at the Facebook API at all yet.


You may want to have a look at Jaiku which has a lot more features than Twitter, commenting and adding RSS feeds which in my opinion makes Jaiku a better tool than Twitter, having said that Twitter's simplicity is in what many ways makes Twitter, Twitter.


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