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June 01, 2007

The REST book is out!

The eagerly anticipated (by me, anyway) O'Reilly book on REST by Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby (as previewed by the authors here) has been published.

On a couple of occasions when I've talked about REST and "resource-oriented" approaches to developing Web applications at meetings or during presentations, a few people have responded along the lines of, "It's all very well talking about Roy Fielding's dissertation and the REST wiki and so-and-so's weblog, but, come on: if this stuff is so important, where's the O'Reilly book?"

I may continue to struggle with the questions about POST and PUT, but now at least I'll be able to answer that one.

I've just ordered a copy from Amazon. I'll report back properly when I've read it!

P.S. In his review, Jon Udell mentions that he has interviewed the authors for a future ITConversations broadcast, so it'll be worth keeping an eye out for that too.


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