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June 21, 2007

Second Life in 3600 seconds - University of Bath

I had originally planned to give this seminar up a the University of Bath last week, but we canceled it because of SL scheduled maintenance - so I'm now doing it next week instead.  Details are as follows:

Title:Second Life in 3600 seconds
Start time:Thursday 28 June 2007, 2:00 until 3:30PM
Location:8 West 3.22, University of Bath
Description:This seminar, presented by Andy Powell, will be an opportunity to see Second Life in action. It will provide an overview of the features of Second Life, with an emphasis on its use in education, using a mix of slides, live demos and discussion.

Second Life (SL) is a 3-D virtual world, a.k.a. a metaverse, which is attracting quite a lot of interest from the global education community because of its potential use in e-learning. Educational applications include virtual delivery of seminars and lectures, collaborative exercises, tutorials and discussions, virtual archaeology, visualisations of architectural history, art and design applications, and so on.

Andy Powell is Head of Development at the Eduserv Foundation. Eduserv is a non-profit UK educational charity that works to realise the effective use of ICT for learners and researchers.

Contact:Artemis Cropper, 01225 386256, a.cropper@ukoln.ac.uk

Thanks to people at UKOLN, particularly Arte, for organising this.


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Is there any way for us to see this if we're not in the Bath? An archive, maybe?

Dick, sorry no. I meant to record the audio and then make it available in some form, but there was a bit of a panic getting the data projector and Internet connection working properly just before I started, so it got forgotten about. Apologies. The slides I spoke to are the ones up on Slideshare - http://www.slideshare.net/eduservfoundation/second-life-in-3600-seconds

Hi Dick. There's an audio recording available of this talk from when Andy came and presented it to our eLearning Technologies Group back in April though it may have changed somewhat I'm not sure. You can get this from http://www.itservices.manchester.ac.uk/learningtechnologies/etg.html or directly from the podcast at http://www.itservices.manchester.ac.uk/learningtechnologies/podcasts/etg.xml.

Cheers, Adrian

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