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June 11, 2007

JISC Online Conference - Innovating e-Learning 2007

I've spent part of today taking part in this year's JISC Online Conference, not least because I'm running a 'showcase session', Barriers to mainstream adoption of Second Life for teaching, tomorrow.

The main themes of this year's conference are institutional transformation and supporting lifelong learning.  I have a slight dislike of the software used to deliver the conference (I mean it's not terrible but the handling of discussion threads is pretty weak compared to something like Gmail and overall it doesn't feel very Web 2.0 to me, which is ironic given the prominence of discussions around Web 2.0) but that said, I'm very pleased to be taking part.  This is a novel experience for me and, as someone that has tried to build some thinking around our carbon footprint into the Eduserv Foundation strategy, something I want to do more of in the future, assuming it works.

Most importantly, the papers so far, and the discussions around, them have been very good.


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