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May 11, 2007

Symposium update...

A quick update on the symposium (yesterday) which by and large I think/hope(!) went very well.  Having said that, there were always going to be things that we could have done better and I hope that we can share our experiences in a way that helps with the running of similar events in the future.

For us, and probably for many people at the event (both in RL and SL), the 'blended' format of the symposium was quite experimental.  What I hope we can do as a community is to learn something about how these kinds of events work best, based on our shared experiences.  We therefore encourage people to blog, email or IM their thoughts, both on the mechanics of the day and on the issues raised by the presentations and discussion.  Constructive criticism and debate is absolutely encouraged!

We will, of course, be doing our own evaluation, based on completed evaluation forms (thank you), our analysis of blog and other commentary, verbal feedback on the day and so on.  We will share some of our own thoughts here in due course.

Just a reminder... if you are blogging about the event, or putting up photos on Flickr, or whatever, please use the 'efsym2007' tag so that we can easily track things using a Technorati search.

And finally, a big thank you to all the day's speakers, to Sara de Freitas for joining the panel and to Diana Laurillard for both chairing the panel session and for her kind and thoughtful closing remarks.


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I thought it (the SL) part went excellently. Was useful as a delegate, and also as an observer of an SL event. I've come back (hang on - I never left my house - why did I say that?) with 18 pages of notes, new contacts, leads to chase up, things to think about.

Could you folk consider doing an informal report on the event? What I'm interested in is the overhead involved in setting up the SL part in addition to the RW conference. How many extra:
- hours
- money
- bits of technology
...did you need?

Against this are the benefits of all of the extra attendees and what they got out of it.

Great event, and thanks for inviting me! Some great thought-provoking stuff...

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