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May 08, 2007

Stage(s) fright

I'm discovering that it's a strange and occasionally bewildering experience trying to co-ordinate activity for an event which is being delivered simultaneously "in Second Life" and "in real life" (I can't quite bring myself to refer to "RL" just yet). The Eduserv Symposium is this Thursday, and last Friday the three of us (Andy, Ed and myself) sat in the office scribbling on the whiteboard trying to plan out our responsibilities throughout the day, and to work out which of us was going to be "where" at which point in the proceedings.

Which, with one physical venue and three virtual ones to consider, turned out to be far more complicated and confusing than it sounds! I remember the days when things were straightforward and there was no ambiguity in phrases like, "Ah, you'll be sitting on stage then". I think we've just about got our "movements" sorted out. Well, we'll see on Thursday!

Ed and Andy have done the lion's share of the work on organising the Symposium, and my own "public-facing" role on the day will probably be fairly limited, but I decided this was probably the point at which the virtual PJ should "scrub up" a little bit, so spent last night looking around for skin, hair, glasses etc. I have about as much enthusiasm for "mall shopping" in SL as I do in RL (oops). The physical PJ will look, err, much the same as usual....


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Am looking forward to it. The island and centre look good:


I do like the detail just after the registration desk; neat :-)

Also like the fact that am 600 miles away and my alarm in the real world is set for 9:40am, but will still make the event for 10am opening, complete with coffee. If only real world events were that easy...

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