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May 08, 2007


Dunno if it's just me but there seems to have been a sudden spurt in activity around LinkedIn recently.  I've been a member for sometime, but it's only in the last few weeks that I've started getting invites to join people's networks on any kind of regular basis.

As an aside, my 11 year old son, Stan, was watching me on my laptop the other day and asked me what the point of LinkedIn was!?  I was somewhat at a loss to answer, other than to say that some people obviously take it as a challenge to grow their networks as big as possible.  Yes, I am suffering mildly from a case of LinkedIn network envy! :-)

Still, the fact that I only appear to have 9 friends gave him a good laugh ... which makes a change from him taking the mickey out of my Second Life activities!


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Yep I'd noticed that as well. Why is it so slow though? Facebook much quicker albeit not doing quite the same job.

I've noticed the same phenomenon, except stretching back about eight months. That's part of what I find so fascinating about the degrees-of-separation social networking sites: the extent to which our perceptions are shaped by our little view of the whole graph.

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