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May 03, 2007

An email snapshot of the UK

The BBC report that the British Library are running a project during May to capture a snapshot of the UK through email.

The library is asking everyone in the UK to forward an e-mail from their inbox or sent mail box representing their life or interests.  Alternatively, people can submit a specially-composed message.

Emails should be submitted to email@emailbritain.co.uk.

As an aside, I note that a Google search for this story (first heard on BBC Radio 4 this morning) turned up coverage by the BBC and the Guardian, but nothing on the British Library Web site :-(.


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Hi Andy

The BL website now has link providing background information about the Email Britain Campaign http://www.bl.uk/news/2007/pressrelease20070503.htm

But recommend you also visit the campaign site www.newhotmail.co.uk/emailbritain



Look like that first URI should be


i.e. ".html" rather than ".htm"

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