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May 09, 2007

Almost there...

Foundationgroupshot_2 We're almost ready to go with the symposium.  Lucky really, since it kicks off tomorrow at 10.00am (2.00am Second Life time)!  As Pete noted, it hasn't all been plain sailing and all of us have been on a steep learning curve as we've tried to get the virtual venue ready, think out how the real and virtual incarnations of the symposium are going to intersect, manage access to the different SL venues and so on, as well as all the normal planning for an RL event of this kind.

There have been one or two panic attacks along the way - for example, a week ago we realised that the streaming company that we are using were planning on streaming in a format incompatible with Second Life!  But that's been resolved now and the streaming tests we did from the venue tonight looked good as far as we could tell.
Hey, I'm almost looking forward to it.

[Photo: the Foundation 'team' on stage in the Virtual Congress Centre on Eduserv Island, in final stages of preparation.]


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