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April 14, 2007

Revised DCAM and DC-RDF available

Before the intervention of the Easter holiday weekend and my return to a pile of Eduserv Research Grant proposals to review, I had intended to post a quick note to say that DCMI has made new versions of the DCMI Abstract Model and Expressing Dublin Core Metadata using RDF available for public comment. The main changes in this version of the DCAM reflect the requirement which emerged from discussion of the previous version to distinguish unambiguously between literal and non-literal values. Those changes have added some complexity to the description set model, but I think the consequence is that the mapping to RDF graphs described in the second document is now much clearer. Anyway, comments welcome - to the dc-architecture mailing list rather than here though, please.

My next job on that front is to try to remember where we had got to six months ago and draft a new version of the DC-XML format (or formats) reflecting the updates to the DCAM. A few recent(-ish) items (sort of) in this space:

I'm off to Manchester on Monday to talk about the DCAM to a meeting of the JISC CETIS Metadata and Digital Repositories Special Interest Group. I'll put some slides on Slideshare, err, when I finish them....


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