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April 18, 2007

A tag for the Symposium

Following the convention of event organisers recommending a tag which can be applied to resources within the various systems that support tagging to flag resources related in some way to the event, I suggest that we use the tag


for resources related to the upcoming Eduserv Foundation Symposium on virtual worlds and learning.

I've tagged a few items on del.icio.us related either to the general theme, the event itself, or to the speakers, and I'll tag this post so that it's picked up by Technorati

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And picking up on my previous post, I've created a del.icio.us tag description for that tag, but it's only visible on my personal collection of entries for the tag.

Hmm. So, back on the topic of tag descriptions, I wonder whether it would be a good thing if del.icio.us surfaced links on the all-user/tag list (e.g. http://del.icio.us/tag/efsym2007) to individual user/tag lists (e.g. http://del.icio.us/PeteJ/efsym2007) for those cases where users provide tag descriptions. e.g. a column over on the right-hand side of the page headed something like "Descriptions of this tag are provided by...." (and similar "see also" links in the corresponding RSS feed too?). I can't make up my mind whether it would be the right thing to do or not: on the one hand, there's value in the approach that tag descriptions are user-specific, "local"; on the other, as I suggested some while ago, some element of "negotiation" of tag "meaning" is part of what puts the "social" in social tagging, and it seems to me facilitating access to other taggers' descriptions of the same tag would contribute to that negotiation process.


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Check out the Hitchhikr service ( http://hitchhikr.com/ )...it allows one to easily aggregate tagged content from various sources all related to a particular event.

Oh, cool. I created the following event:


I put the event on Upcoming.org too:


Thanks, Roo! Yes, I noticed the entry on Upcoming at the weekend (and I signed up as attending). See you tomorrow!

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