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March 31, 2007

What students do...

Martin Poulter summarises a presentation by the guys who run the student residential network at the University of Bristol in a post on the (fairly new?) Ancient Geeks blog.  Worth a quick read for an overview of what students at Bristol do with their Internet connections.  No major surprises here... though I confess that I hadn't heard of either of the first two video streaming services (which simply confirms that I'm pretty out of touch with this kind of thing I guess).

Surveyed about what they want in future from the university network, students say they want video podcasts, or failing that audio, of their lecturers. They don’t want less personal contact with teaching staff, but they want to be able to catch up with lectures on a video iPod on the train. They also want ubiquity: they expect high quality access, wirelessly, everywhere. Having been brought up with Google and Amazon, they have very high standards of ease of use.


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