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March 20, 2007

Web 2.0 usage survey

There's a blog entry entitled Some real data on Web 2.0 use by Dave White on the TALL blog.  Looks like an interesting survey of student and staff attitudes and habits around Web 2.0 services.

Like any survey, the devil is in the detail of what was asked, though the report does touch in this to some extent.

Difficult to know what conclusions to draw.  I haven't spent very long looking at it.  Usage of Second Life is pretty low, but then one would expect that I guess.  Usage of del.icio.us is lower than I would have thought, but perhaps that's just from my perspective as someone that just about manages to use it regularly.  The proportion of people reading and writing blogs for work or study purposes is pretty low.  None of these things is particularly surprising - which is not to say that it isn't useful to see them written down in a study like this.


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