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February 06, 2007

Computer Games: Learning, Meaning and Method

Diane Carr kindly invited me to her "Computer Games: Learning, Meaning and Method" event at the London Knowledge Lab at the end of January.  The event provided an opportunity for Diane to share some of the outcomes of her work on the Digital Technology, Learning and 'Game Formats' - Computer games, motivation and gender in learning contexts project, an activity that we have funded since January 2004.  This included feedback on Diane's experiment to get several LKL staff to use World of Warcraft, each approaching it from a different perspective, recording their impressions and experiences as they went.

Overall the day was quite broad, with some very interesting presentations on a variety of topics.  If I'm completely honest, I suppose that some of the material went a little over my head(!), being someone who is not well versed in the theory of games and gaming research.  But interesting nontheless.

Some of the Powerpoint slides and other materials from the day are now available on the LKL Web site - I hope others follow. 

As an aside, I note that the JISC-funded report Learning in Immersive Worlds: a review of game based learning by Sara de Freitas, which:

scopes out the current use of games for learning in UK HE and post-16 education and has been produced to inform practitioners who are considering using games and simulations in their practice

is now available.  Should be worth a read.


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