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January 31, 2007

The bids are in...

Our call for proposals closed earlier this week and I've just finished a first (and very brief) pass through all the bids.

We received 88, far more than we were expecting, of which it would appear that about 50 are in the area of the teaching and learning opportunities offered by 3-D virtual worlds (most of which relate to Second Life), about 30 are in the area of new approaches to elearning based on Web 2.0.  There are also a small smattering of bids around access and identity management.

OK, so now we know which are the sexiest areas! :-)  What else does this tell us?  Well it seems to me that, rightly or wrongly, there is a significant interest within the community in investigating the opportunities afforded by Second Life and its ilk.  Unfortunately, we are only able to fund a small proportion of the bids we have received.

Now we need to set aside about a week to read them all!


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I meant to add that most of the bids were submitted by email. Five were delivered in the form of a 'notecard' to the Eduserv Foundation office in Second Life but only one of these was not backed up with an email copy.

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