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January 31, 2007

Dublin Core as a packaging standard

I've been asked to speak at a Content Packaging for Complex Objects: Technical Workshop being organised by UKOLN in Bristol tomorrow about the DCMI Abstract Model.

I've put my slides up on Slideshare.

Now, you may think that the Dublin Core has nothing to do with content packaging (it's just metadata after all) but I tend to disagree.  As I will try and argue in the presentation, the DCMI Abstract Model provides a highly flexible and extensible framework for bundling together groups of objects, albeit usually 'by-reference'.  I will make the point that packaging standards tend to be very good at capturing the structural relationships between the component parts of compound objects, but that the Abstract Model's firm basis in RDF means that it can capture the richer semantics between the digital, physical and conceptual components that make up the complex objects we tend to find in our digital libraries.

The key point, I guess, is that content packaging is just metadata!


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