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January 31, 2007

Dublin Core and scholarly publications

Writing the previous entry about Dublin Core and content packaging reminded me that an article by Julie Allinson, Pete Johnston and me about developing a Dublin Core application profile for scholarly works has now been published in Ariadne.

There's nothing here that hasn't previously been available in the project Wiki.  On the other hand, it's very nice to have it all written up in a single document.  The content of the Wiki, being a working resource, can be a little hard to navigate.

I hope that the publication of this article will stimulate some useful discussion, particularly around the use of FRBR as the basis for the model.  I find the use of FRBR in this context compelling, and its combination with the Dublin Core Abstract Model provides a very powerful description framework for bibliographic resources.  I'd be interested in hearing others' views.


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I think using FRBR is interesting, though whether it's appropriate depends on the use cases really. I have found FRBR overkill for the sorts of scholarly citations I am interested in (it can get really complicated when dealing with things like journal articles). I guess on one end you have the demands of complex metadata storage and processing, and on the other the data exchange and citation formatting stuff that is a little important to me. FRBR is more appropriate for the former.

BTW, see my work at http://purl.org/net/biblio. I've been working on expanding it more recently.

Finally, I've said this before, but I don't understand the purpose of the DC abstract model, particularly the XML encoding. It seems to me much more complicated than RDF, but adds no significant value beyond it.

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