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December 05, 2006

The case for OpenID

There's a nice little introduction to why OpenID is important by Netmesh's Johannes Ernst and VeriSign's David Recordon on ZDNet - The case for OpenID.  The piece highlights the simplicity of the OpenID spec and argues, quite convincingly I think, that successful initiatives in this area must start small and simple and grow in complexity only when the need demands it.

Some have told us they consider the OpenID community to lack a clear process or structure, to not solve the "real" problems in identity (yet?), or to be only applicable for low-end problems. They are probably right; however, we think of it as the early days of Internet-scale innovation in action, where these characteristics are desirable, not detrimental. The arguments are the same that were made against the Web in its early days, and the problems either were fixed or turned out not to be problems at all. There is no reason to believe it should be different for OpenID.


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