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December 15, 2006

Grants call 2006/2007 announced

I'm pleased to announce that we have made our call for funding for 2006/2007 available - a little later than I originally hoped, but in time for Christmas nonetheless!  See the call Web pages for full details but essentially we are looking for projects in the areas of:

  • Teaching and learning opportunities in 3-D virtual worlds such as Second Life
  • New approaches to learning based on Web 2.0
  • Access and identity management in e-learning

Projects must be led by UK academic institutions.  Initial proposals should be 2 sides of A4 in length (or equivalent) and should be with us by 29 January 2007.  Note that we don't have a huge pot of money to give away unfortunately - but we hope to spend about £400,000 from this call on 3 or 4 substantial projects.


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I did like the fact that proposals could be submitted through Second Life itself. Excellent! I wonder if:

1) Some people will deliberately submit their proposal through Second Life, as opposed to email, as it shows that they can use the technology and are comfortable with it. And possibly, they may thus be hoping/thinking that submission through SL as opposed to email might be (subconsciously) looked on more favourably by the proposal reviewers.

2) Some people in universities wishing to submit through SL may run up against central admin procedures that are geared to "traditional" proposal submission systems. Still, if this leads to proposers having to educate their academic central admin about how systems such as SL function, then that's an added bonus.

It would be interesting after the deadline if you could reveal what proportion of proposals came by email and what came through SL?

For me the second life is excelent, for example; Web 2.0 refers to a perceived second generation of web-based communities and hosted services.

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