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November 10, 2006

Second Life, first time

Artcybrarycity I made my first real trip into Second Life (SL) this evening.  Art Fossett, my SL alter ego, at your service!

Quite an interesting experience.  I spent a few hours or so there in total.  I was a bit lost and lonely at first, looking around the SL Library and ICT Library on Info Island.  I had to go a buy a new pair of virtual trainers to keep myself busy - something I would never do in RL!


But then I met up with TalisPaul Fossil (a.k.a Paul Miller of Talis) who showed me round Talis Cybrary City - a growing area for library related activities.  Here's a couple of pictures, one of TalisPaul and me chatting inside the Cybrary and one of me next to the fountain outside.  Note that you don't have to face each each to chat in SL - though I guess that doing so is polite - and that Paul is literally chat'ing (i.e. typing) in the picture which is why it looks like he is doing a Tommy Cooper impression!

Being in a library area was nice - all the other librarians that I met there were very friendly.

Spot the Dublin Core tee-shirt - yours for only L$20 :-)


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I want your trainers...

...and a nice Talis polo shirt/ shirt, like our real life ones... :-)

If those legs are the legs I think they are, shouldn't those trainers be red and white? ;-)

Great posting - glad your first SL trip was good.

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