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November 26, 2006

Library 2.0 in Wikipedia


I've just discovered that the Wikipedia entry for Library 2.0 is up for deletion (as Paul Miller notes here).  How crazy is that!?  I don't understand the process at work here but the reasons for deletion seem minimal to me - other than perhaps some level of personal dislike of the '2.0' suffix.

Sure, at some point in the future the entry will have to be updated to say 'A library-related term that went out of fashion sometime during 20xx'.  But who is prepared to say what '20xx' will be and who cares anyway?  By that time, the debate around Library 2.0 will have left its mark on us - which is reason enough to retain the entry, or so it seems to me.

Image: SL Library 2.0 tee-shirt.  Want one?  Available in four colours (and free) - IM Art Fossett for details.  (Yes, I am guilty of blatantly trivialising the debate! :-) ).  [November 2006]


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