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November 14, 2006

Children's Book Week (US)

Peepo Lorcan writes about children's book week here and lists two of his favourites.  His second choice, Peepo, resonates particularly strongly for me.  It was also a favourite of my daughter (Daisy) when we first started reading to her at bed-time.  These kind of books get read so many times over and over again that they get engraved on your heart or something - I could probably still recite many of the words from memory now (15 or 16 years later!).

Privatepeaceful Another personal favourite of mine (for older children) is Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo.  I read this to my boys (Wilf and Stan) when they were about 11 and 8.  It's a powerful book, and the act of reading out loud really strengthens the emotion in it.

Nothing beats Swallows and Amazons though! :-)

Note: Yes, I know that Children's Book Week in the UK ran from the 2-8 October this year... but I missed that, so am taking the opportunity second time round!


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