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October 09, 2006


Doh!  As soon as I go and buy an Eduserv Foundation Flickr account in order to experiment with uploading copies of all our Powerpoint slides (see some of my previous blog entries for examples), someone goes and invents a new service dedicated to that task - Slideshare.  Looks interesting, though it is still in beta and getting an account is by invite only at the moment.  Fortunately, it seems to be possible to invite yourself!

I haven't played with it much yet (here is a link to the only set of slides that I've uploaded so far), but the interface looks pretty slick and it certainly seems to beat exporting every slide as a JPEG and then bulk uploading them all to Flickr as I was doing before.


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Interesting. Very strong family resemblance to youtube though I doubt it will end up being sold for the same amount ;-)

A pity that you cannot link to individual slides, only the show.

According to the Slideshare blog, you can create a permalink to individual slides. See


I think you need to look at the 'Slide URL' box to the right of the slides and use that, rather than the URL in your browser location bar, e.g.


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