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September 25, 2006

Road to Manzanillo

The Eduserv Foundation is pleased to sponsor this year's Dublin Core conference in Mexico, not least because this year's theme, "metadata for knowledge and learning", fits very well with our areas of interest.

We're looking forward to healthy debate, both at the conference itself and at the satellite meetings of the DC Usage Board and the DC Advisory Board, particularly around updates to the DCMI Abstract Model and the guidelines for encoding DC metadata in RDF and XML, the most recent versions of which can all be found in the DC Architecture Working Group Wiki.

Both Pete and I will be at the conference, presenting papers, giving tutorials (Basic Syntax) and running or contributing to various working group and special sessions (DC Collections, DC Architecture, Eprints special session, DCMI/LOM special session and the Education reports from the field special session).  As always, it looks like it is going to be a busy week.

We should also gratefully acknowledge the support of DCMI and JISC, both of whom have helped fund our travel costs for the conference.


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