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September 28, 2006

DC-2006 Eprints Special Session slides

The slides for the special session about using DC to describe scholarly publications that Julie Allinson and I are presenting at DC-2006 in Mexico are now available in Flickr for anyone that's interested.

What I like about this work is not just that it makes good use of FRBR but also that it demonstrates the expressive power of the DC Abstract Model.  Well, I guess I would say that wouldn't I!  It'll be interesting to see what others think when we present this work in the session.

What came home to me very clearly while working on these slides is that work on any metadata application profile needs to start with an 'application model' - the set of entities that are going to be described and the key relationships between those entities.

Starting with the 15 elements in the DCMES and asking "How can I extend this?" is absolutely the wrong way to begin!


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A couple of quick follow-up comments...

Firstly, reaction to the work done so far was very positive when we presented it in Mexico - positive enough that it seems worthwhile setting up a DC 'taskforce' to take this work forward. The intention is to develop an approved DC Application Profile for describing scholarly publications.

Secondly, the slides from the session are now also available in Slideshare where they are somewhat more usable:


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